Application and Admission

Students attempting to enter the REMSA Paramedic program must complete the application and admission process successfully and will be scored and ranked based on the following criteria.

Entrance Exam:

We currently use an online platform that will evaluate each candidate on EMT-P math including basic math and algebra, an EMT exam that includes current EMT related curriculum, current reading level, learning style, student motivation, and test anxiety. Candidates will be ranked based on each individuals score.


Candidate must complete an application that includes education background, work experience, emergency medical services experience, and two letters of recommendation. The application and letters of recommendation are scored by the program coordinator.

Panel Interview:

Candidates completing the entrance exams and the application and are scheduled for a panel interview. Interview panel includes members of local EMS and Fire agencies as well as REMSA staff. Candidates are scored on their responses and relevant EMS experience.


Scores from the application, letters of recommendation, entrance exam results, and the panel interview are tabulated and factored into an overall percentage for each candidate. Students are ranked based on these scores.